Open Airplane Simplifies Aircraft Rental

Pilots visiting a new area often want to rent an airplane to explore their surroundings. Unfortunately, completing the required checkout often doubles the time and money required so pilots don’t bother. A simple solution recently became available thanks to Open Airplane, begging the question, why didn’t someone do this sooner?

Essentially, it’s a Unified Pilot Checkout (UPC), accepted by multiple aircraft rental companies, or rather, their insurance companies. Seriously. Genius. Now traveling pilots who have completed the UPC can rent airplanes as easily as renting a car.

I spoke to Rod Rakic cofounder of Open Airplane about the new concept and what went into its launch in June. They already have 15 location and many more in the pipeline. To learn more about the program, visit these links:

This post was originally published on the AME High blog. Republished with permission.