How to maintain an aircraft hangar door

Here is some great advice on hangar-door maintenance from Paul at AeroDoor International. Thanks for the guest post Paul!!!

Your hangar door is a fundamental part of your building and protects your aircraft from dust, sand and water intrusion, that’s a fact. It’s arguable that the physical condition of your hangar door can determine the success or failure of your building in extreme weather, as many buildings collapse after the hangar door has blown in.

Either way it is worth reminding you that a hangar doors condition beyond whether it opens and closes could have an impact on the doors life span, and preventive maintenance needs to be addressed.

As years pass, a once durable door that has served as the face of your aircraft hangar will begin to deteriorate due to the life expectancy of the materials and Florida’s demanding climate. This can result in problems for hangar door owners that translate into much more serious and potentially dangerous or expensive scenarios that include the dreaded words “door replacement”.

Caring for your hangar door can be done through periodic service inspections and preventive maintenance, as well as following some of the simple tips below:

Bi-Fold Door Systems

  • Grease line shaft pillow blocks through a grease zerk.
  • Lubricate center hinge at all locations. Check cotter pins and replace if needed.
  • Check sprockets and chain at operator:
  1. If sprockets have shifted, loosen mounting bolts and realign using a straight edge.
  2. If chain is loose, adjust by using the tension bolts on the gear reducer. Loose the four bolts on the back of the gear reducer, tighten the tensioning bolts until the chain has from 1/4” to 1/2” of play. Re-tighten all bolts and lubricate chain with oil.
  • Lubricate all the lift cables using an old rage and gear oil. As the rag is passed over the cables, watch and feel carefully for frays in the cables. Any cables excessively frayed should be replaced.
  • Check adjustment of the locking cables which should be tight enough to close the door gently. Over tightening of these cables will lead to premature cable failure.
  • With the door in the fully closed position, check door rollers for excessive wear. Check to see if the door is tracking straight. This can be seen by the marks left by the door rollers on the outside of the jamb.
  • Inspect welding of the frame to the building.
  • Check that all switches and wiring are in good working order.
  • Inspect locking devices and hurricane bolts.
  • Check the top and bottom door weatherstripping and replace if necessary.

Hydraulic Swing Door Systems

  • Lubricate hinges on the header at all locations.
  • Check hydraulic fluid level. Replace hydraulic fluid and filter every 2-years.
  • Clean and lubricate cylinder shafts.
  • Inspect all hydraulic hoses for cracks and deterioration.
  • Inspect all hydraulic lines for leaks.
  • Inspect welding of the frame to the building.
  • Check that all switches and wiring are in good working order.
  • Inspect hurricane bolts.
  • Check the top and bottom door weatherstripping and replace if necessary.
  • Please make sure your hydraulic door utilizes at least a counterbalance valve which stops the door from crashing down if there is a fault in the hydraulic door. Some hydraulic door manufacturers did not supply these which means the door could be a potential death trap. If you are unsure or know they are not fitted and would like them installed they can be retrofitted.

Safety First

If you choose to inspect your door yourself it’s a good idea to let everyone in your hangar know that you are servicing the door and that it is not to be opened or closed by anyone until you tell them you are finished. We also advise you use the manufacturers parts or parts of equal quality.

About AeroDoor

AeroDoor is a private, veteran owned company in Apopka Florida, with over 30-years experience in the; manufacturing, installation, repair and upgrade of hangar doors.

Whether you need to repair your existing door, or purchase a new door – AeroDoor can help. We have experienced, trained engineers with the service vehicles and components to repair or upgrade your hangar door.

It doesn’t matter who made your door. Whether it’s 12-months old, or 35-years old. AeroDoor will have a service truck at your hangar to do the job. We serve all individuals, companies and organizations, and have been a valued hangar door contractor to the aerospace and defense sector for over 3-decades.

If you would like a quotation or have a question regarding sales, repairs or upgrades please visit us at or call 866-226-3667.



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