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Planning to buy, sell or lease a hangar at the Orlando Apopka Airport? It’s important to have experienced representation. Our team has worked onsite at the airport since before redevelopment, and no other agent has more experience with these unique properties.

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Orlando Apopka Airport Hangars on a Beautiful Florida Day

Protect your airplane or build a business. Orlando Apopka Airport rental hangars are built to current wind codes, complete with fire suppression, monitored fire alarms and bathrooms at minimum. Some offer office space and other amenities. Additionally, X04 is convenient to both Orlando and Sanford, but with less congestion.

Rent a space for your plane or lease an entire hangar for your aviation business (or just to have room to spare).

Spaces are limited, call for availability – 407-712-4071.

Central Florida's Newest "Old" Airport

OAA_12-20-2011-170 Orlando Apopka Airport (X04) is a privately owned, public-use airport located in Central Florida, within 30 minutes of downtown Orlando, Sanford and Disney World. No permission is required to land at X04, it is open to the public. Each hangar site at Orlando Apopka Airport is privately owned, and includes a share of the airport common area.

Hangars at the Orlando Apopka Airport offer more than a place to protect your aircraft; the airport is an active community of aviators. Fly-Ins, charity events and hangar parties are among the fun things to do at X04.

Need hangar space but don't want to buy? Hangar rentals are available at Orlando Apopka Airport. Chandelle Properties can help you navigate the Central Florida hangar rental market to find a space that meets your needs.

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Orlando Apopka Airport Address: 1321 Apopka Airport Road, Apopka, FL  32712

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Open Airplane Simplifies Aircraft Rental

Airplane Landing 000at Apopka Airport

Pilots visiting a new area often want to rent an airplane to explore their surroundings. Unfortunately, completing the required checkout often doubles the time and money required so pilots don’t bother. A simple solution recently became available thanks to Open Airplane, begging the question, why didn’t someone do this sooner?

Essentially, it’s a Unified Pilot Checkout (UPC), accepted by multiple aircraft rental companies, or rather, their insurance companies. Seriously. Genius. Now traveling pilots who have completed the UPC can rent airplanes as easily as renting a car.

On my podcast, I spoke to Rod Rakic cofounder of Open Airplane about the new concept and what went into its launch in June. They already have 15 location and many more in the pipeline. To learn more about the program, visit these links:

Search for Airplanes in the Network

Pilot Information

Partner Information

This post was origionally published on the AME High blog. Republished with permission.


New Hangar Construction at Orlando Apopka Airport

image 3

After years of no construction, it’s a pleasure to see fresh slabs and steel rising out of the ground at the Orlando Apopka Airport. There are three hangars under construction right now and I’m collecting bids for a client who wants to begin a fourth. The buildings are going up on lots 35, 57 and 67. These shots are of 35 anf 57.

Here are a few photos of the construction underway at the airport. I guess I’ll have to resume my habit of collecting regular aerial photos to document the changing skyline. My collection dates back to preconstruction. If you haven’t already, check out the visual tour posted on our site to view some of the shots.

image 2

image 1



Free Safety Seminars Offered at X04

Owners, renters and friends of X04 are invited to FREE monthly safety seminars now offered at the Orlando Apopka Airport. The first event kicks off on January 8th from 7:00 - 9:00pm in Hangar 9. Call 407-574-4710 for more details.

Future events will be held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, so mark your calendar today!

Monthly Safety Seminar Poster


RNAV Approaches Live at Orlando Apopka Airport

RNAV ImageI’ve often joked that there were three questions I wouldn’t answer: 1) How old are you? 2) How much do you weigh? and 3) How low were you on arrival to X04?

Well, I won’t have to lie any longer, the Orlando Apopka Airport’s new RNAV approaches are officially on the books, GPS “A” (to Rwy 15) and a GPS “B” (to Rwy 33). Both are circling approaches down to special VFR minimums, and are straight-in aligned, with GPS B (33) going down to 700-1 and GPS A (15) down to 780-1.

Hopefully the airport will invest in an ASOS weather reporting system allowing night approaches in the future.

The new approaches are already posted on Here is a direct link to both X04 Approaches.


Orlando Apopka Airport to get Instrument Approach

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For the last 10 years I’ve heard pilots at Orlando Apopka Airport (Orlando Country Airport way back when) say they wished the airport had an instrument approach. Well, drum roll please, the time is here. On September 20, 2012, Class E Airspace will be established over X04. It is my assumption that the approach will be take effect at the same time. It appears it will be a circling RNAV approach with a 700’ MDA based on what I have found so far. Although I have only a few details on the approach itself, here is a link to the FAA notice: Establishment of Class E Airspace; Apopka, FL The class E airspace will begin at 700’ AGL within a 6.8-mile radius of the airport.

I’m excited to get out and fly the new approach, how about you??


Maintaining Your Aircraft Hangar Door

Here is some great advice on hangar-door maintenance from Paul at AeroDoor International. Thanks for the guest post Paul!!!


Hangar 39 Door Close UpYour hangar door is a fundamental part of your building and protects your aircraft from dust, sand and water intrusion, that’s a fact. It’s arguable that the physical condition of your hangar door can determine the success or failure of your building in extreme weather, as many buildings collapse after the hangar door has blown in.

Either way it is worth reminding you that a hangar doors condition beyond whether it opens and closes could have an impact on the doors life span, and preventive maintenance needs to be addressed.

As years pass, a once durable door that has served as the face of your aircraft hangar will begin to deteriorate due to the life expectancy of the materials and Florida's demanding climate. This can result in problems for hangar door owners that translate into much more serious and potentially dangerous or expensive scenarios that include the dreaded words “door replacement”.

Caring for your hangar door can be done through periodic service inspections and preventive maintenance, as well as following some of the simple tips below:


Orlando Apopka Airport Beacon Issue 14

The newest issue of the Orlando Apopka Airport Beacon is now archived online! Click HERE if you missed the latest newsletter about X04. For more information about hangars and the Orlando Apopka Airport, call Ron at 407-712-4071.

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