X04 Hangar Upgrades: A Big Ass Fan

Big Ass Fan in Hangar 54One of the nice things about the hangars at Orlando Apopka Airport is that they are all insulated. While folks from “up north” tend to think of insulation as keeping a building warm, here in Florida, it’s more about keeping it cool. The insulation in our hangars prevents them from becoming over-heated, protecting the aircraft, cars and toys stored inside.

Another sure-fire solution to keeping a hangar cool is to air condition the space. But, what about when you need to keep the door open and work? Amos Ackerman of Ackerman Aviation needed a solution that allowed him to keep the door open, but also stay cool while working on a steady stream of aircraft. The owner of Hangar 54, Allan Brinckerhoff, found a good solution – a Big Ass Fan. No, I’m not being crude, that’s a proper noun.

As their name implies, Big Ass Fans are an oversized version of the fans many of us have at home. Ranging from 6-24 feet in diameter, they are effective in a space the size of an aircraft hangar. In the case of Hangar 54, that is 4900 square feet, with a 21-foot eve height. That’s a large volume of air to move!

The company originally opened in 1999 as the HVLS Fan Company, “but after 3 years in business we finally had to bow to the sentiments of our customers and concede that we do, in fact, design and manufacture some Big Ass Fans,” they explain on their website. They produce fans for industrial, agricultural, commercial and residential buildings.

So if you’re looking for a cooling solution in your hangar, check out a Big Ass Fan. Brinckerhoff says, “The fan is great. We get lots of comments and inquires.”

For more information on Big Ass Fans visit their webite, bigassfans.com

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