Temporary Airport Closure for Runway Repairs

The following notice is from the Orlando Apopka Airport Board of Directors. Please pass on the information to anyone you feel needs to know. Thanks! ~ Erika



T E M P O R A R Y    A I R P O R T    C L O S U R E

for  R u n w a y  R e p a i r


February 12, 2012

Dear Orlando Apopka Airport Owner,

The Orlando Apopka Airport Association Board of Directors has allocated runway repair funds that the Board has been escrowing as a contingency over the last several years to make much-needed periodic repairs to the runway and its markings.  We have scheduled the following runway repairs.

Please BE ADVISED, and ADVISE any tenants who may be using your property, that the Orlando Apopka Airport (X04) will be CLOSED to aircraft traffic on the runway during the following period for runway and runway marking repair:

  • Tuesday, Feb 28, 2012                   -- All Day
  • Wednesday, Feb 29, 2012            -- All Day
  • Thursday, March 1, 2012              -- All Day
  • Friday, March 2, 2012                    -- 'Rain Day' Contingency

The runway markings are in particular need of repair, as noted by the Florida DOT Aviation inspector during his annual airport inspection in December.

Five different sets of '15' markings are now apparent on the north end (Rwy 15), as the gray and black erasure over-coatings begin to wear away.  Some of the false markings (particularly the black ones) are now more apparent from the air than the official white 15 designation!

Asphalt will also be repaired as part of this maintenance action.  Plus, the entire length of runway asphalt will be resealed prior to re-marking.  The resealing will not only rejuvenate the runway for up to another five years, but will also create a clean, uniformly black background for the new white markings and should greatly improve visibility.  All new markings will be beaded with Type III (the highest quality aviation reflecting beads) in order to also improve night time runway marking visibility.

We realize having the airport closed for three days will be a great inconvenience to many owners, tenants and transients.  Maintenance crews will be working with haste during this time to minimize the closure period, however the three day period is primarily dictated by the 'dry times' required between each step of the repair.  These repairs are overdue and unavoidable at this time.  NOTAMs have been posted to advise transient aircraft of the closure.

We apologize for the inconvenience,

Please ALERT anyone you think may be affected!


OAAA Board of Directors

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