RNAV Approaches Live at Orlando Apopka Airport

RNAV ImageI’ve often joked that there were three questions I wouldn’t answer: 1) How old are you? 2) How much do you weigh? and 3) How low were you on arrival to X04?

Well, I won’t have to lie any longer, the Orlando Apopka Airport’s new RNAV approaches are officially on the books, GPS “A” (to Rwy 15) and a GPS “B” (to Rwy 33). Both are circling approaches down to special VFR minimums, and are straight-in aligned, with GPS B (33) going down to 700-1 and GPS A (15) down to 780-1.

Hopefully the airport will invest in an ASOS weather reporting system allowing night approaches in the future.

The new approaches are already posted on FltAware.com. Here is a direct link to both X04 Approaches.

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