Orlando/Apopka Airport Sports New Entrance

OAA_sports_new_entranceAfter years of delay the entrance road to the Orlando Apopka Airport has been completed. The new road is four lanes wide with a center median at the 441 intersection narrowing to two lanes at Apopka Airport Road. This is a welcome change from the gravel road that owners have had to use for nearly two years.

Next owners hope to see construction starting on the runway extension. No time line is available for that part of the project. Information from the OAA Condo Association Board is that the developer is planning to move forward on the extension by the end of the year.

The new road offers benefits beyond better driving. It also improves the value of the airport properties which have suffered from the lack of a proper entrance during recent years. The association has also contracted to have all of the lots maintained by the landscaping company who has long cared for the common areas. TNT Earthworks will now mow and trim every lot on the airport to maintain a more uniform and attractive appearance.

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