Do you know Orlando Apopka Airport’s stats?

It’s an understatement to say the Orlando Apopka Airport (X04) has had a few changes in recent years. When I started flying at X04 the paved runway was 27’ wide with a big drop-off at the approach end of Runway 33.

Since that time, the official stats for the airport have changed several times. Pilots don’t check the data of their home field often because it’s too familiar. Here is a quiz to test how well you know X04. Answers follow at the bottom of the page. Have fun!

  1. Airport Traffic Pattern Altitude:
  2. Runway 15/33 Length:
  3. Runway 15/33 Width:
  4. Airport Elevation:
  5. Runway 15 Displaced Threshold:
  6. Runway 15 PAPI Glide Path (degrees):
  7. Runway 15 Traffic Pattern Direction:
  8. Runway 33 PAPI Glide Path (degrees):
  9. Runway 33 Traffic Pattern Direction:

Stumped? Try these handy sources of airport information:

Flight Aware





ANSWERS: All answers are based on information posted on as of February 1, 2012. Consult a current AFD to confirm all information before using.

1) 942’     2) 3,987’   3) 60’   4) 142’   5) 943’   6) 3.5   7) RIGHT   8) 3.0   9) LEFT


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