A Ghost in the Machine

Sometimes a day starts out with so many things going wrong that you just have to laugh! Yesterday was that day for me.

I arrived in my office to find that my 800 number had just been randomly disconnected and the company that handles it was three hours behind in California and wouldn't be answering my frantic calls for several hours.

From there it just got stranger. My computer had a ghost in the machine. Pages were randomly scrolling and my email addresses would no longer auto-complete.

I sent out a frantic Tweet to all who would listen asking for good thoughts, and got several replies, before that application melted down and had to be closed….. Thank you for the good thoughts….send more! Everything I reached for was like that Skittles commercial – it just collapsed into a pile of little pieces. I rebooted the computer. Could I reboot my day??

At least I had my sense of humor. I was laughing so hard I had to walk outside as my pages scrolled up and down, up and down…. At least today I can type without something going wro….

ctrl-alt-delete :-)

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