A Blogger Turns Forty

Cat Looking at a MonitorWe interrupt this blog for an important message…

Twitter, Blogger, Word Press, Facebook, websites, email & texting. These are the ways I communicate with friends, clients and family. I promote, publish and express myself so much in digital media that I often crave an old fashioned conversation.

This weekend I turned forty and all I wanted for my birthday was some good, in person conversation. No statements limited to 140 characters or less or the worry that everyone on my network would read everything I said. I have missed hearing a tone of voice and feeling a hug. Wow, the things we give up living in a virtual community!

We ate, drank, laughed and enjoyed each other. I had to move around the table to visit with everyone and had moments of single minded conversation, uninterrupted by the chime of an email or chirp of a text - just one conversation at a time – with eye contact.

At forty I have done things, and lived a life, I had never imagined. But now more than ever I want those genuine relationships that a busy life tries to undermine. This birthday I turned off the computers and phone and connected – for real.

Thank you everyone for a great fortieth birthday and for the good wishes both in person and on Facebook!

Now back to our regular programming…

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